Friday, 15 June 2012


I'm sorry to go all cheesy on you...although I like me some cheese (the edible type)...but its days like this when you are stuck in doors with your family, a satisfied belly (maybe overly satisfied), and have nothing to worry about which make me think... I have A LOT to be grateful for. Sometimes I feel like I take the little things for granted. Like for example, when I once had a paper cut on my little finger. I could barely write 'cause of the pain, and it just made me think, I disregard that finger because it's always there under my nose. But once something happens to it, only then do ya realise that 'damn, it's pretty hard to write when this fingers in pain'. Ya'll probably get what I'm I'm gonna keep this short because I will probably look back and cringe and then possibly throw bleach in my eyes, but yeah.
Although I'm totally bored...things could be worse and I am living... *bites into apple*