Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Fake Tourist Day Out

This is England.

Saying grace?

oh hello

oh hello x2

Getting my money's worth and sipping every last bit

This is definitely bad for my eyes

The only thing I ever buy from Selfridges, for the sake of buying something haha


childhood memories!

Welcome to China Town

Totally pullin' off the 'ghetto' look

The bag Liban won in the arcade hahahaha


Today I spent the day roaming around central London with my friend Liban. It's good to act like a tourist in your own city haha. We had some food at Tinseltown, pretended to be rich in Selfridges, and then sat under some sorta shelter in Chinatown for aaages...mostly because I needed to pee and I REFUSE to use public toilets. The rest of the day was spent roaming around Carnaby Street and sweet shops on Tottenham Court road. It ended in the now battered and not as good as it once was Trocadero. I was a wet and frizzy mess by the end of it, but 'twas fun nonetheless. Especially when Liban insisted on trying an arcade game out in Trocadero and only managing to win a girls bag, out of SYMPATHY. Good thing he wasn't on a date haha.
I ordered a barbeque chicken cheese burger with extra gherkins (yuss, I am the person who eats the gherkins you pick out haha) and fries with a good ol' fanta. Then obviously you can't go Tinseltown without getting a milkshake so I made room for that too and got a snickers one. You can never go wrong with a Tinseltown milkshake. Pricey but oh so GOOOOOD.


  1. Sounds and looks like a great time! I've never been to London, but I like knowing that there is so much candy there! Following you now :)

    1. thanks! it's all so pricey though x