Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Food Date in East London

Interesting choice of wall art
Really strong Pomegranate Juice
Apology cupcakes for the bad juice
Our thank you
First time Starbucks have spelled my name right (did have to spell it for them)
Happy Mariyam
Hello! Here are a few pics of my day out with my friend Mariyam. Apologies for the mix of camera and phone pics.
The place we went to eat at in Brick Lane was quite...bleh...even though we had been there before and liked it. We both got chicken steak with chips, and it was just....satisfactory. Didn't have me thanking everything and everyone with every mouthful. The drinks were freshly made but SO strong that we had to revert back to getting fizzy drinks. There we were trying to be 'different' by ordering juice haha. The staff were really nice though and gave us little apology cupcakes. This is why I always tell people they must SPEAK UP, 'cause there are sometimes benefits of doing so, and boy do I know it from the countless complaints I've made in life...but that's a story for another time.
Dessert Just wow. We went to Cookies and Cream in Whitechapel. People rave about Haagen Dasz restaurant, but the quality/portions here are the same if not better, but more reasonably priced. There is also a heck load more variety. I had a Brownie temptation, because I was...tempted *angel face* haha. It was so good, even when I got full I forced myself through it. For my sake and your sake, lets look at it again:

I have no words. Well that's a lie, I do, but they are all rather distasteful.

We finished our day off with a good ol' Starbucks frappe. But the Starbucks itself was full so we had to sit outside in a park in the FAH-REEZING cold. It was an...odd...park filled with mostly men and hardly any children. One of the stupid men thought it were somewhat necessary to clap like an idiotic seal so some pigeons would fly around us. I LOATHE and FEAR pigeons, and he realised this whilst we tried tip-toeing past a whole crowd of them. My biggest fear in life is getting bitch-slapped in the face by a pigeon one day, and this stupid man with no life who clearly spends it in the park NEARLY made that fear a reality.  Did I mention how much of a STUPID MAN he is?
Despite the near death experience, 'twas a wonderful day overall  :)


  1. I just tagged you in one of my posts, please take the time and check it out!!

    1. thank you so much! will be doing this soon :) xx