Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hair Care Routine

I happen to be cursed with the big thick and frizzy hair gene. I've always found it difficult to keep it sleek and straight, and even if I did straighten it, it would frizz up by the end of the day. Sunny days, rainy days, YOU ARE ALL MY HAIR'S ENEMIES.  I feel I've finally found a routine which keeps my hair in place, as well as my mood. (But I'll still admit my hair is kinda shit, sighh)

These are my staple hair care products:

Although working these into a routine is TEDIOUS, my hair thanks me for it later. I am going to insert a before and after picture, which is not really a before and after but more an 'un-straightened with minimal hair products' vs. a 'straightened with above products':

 I may or may not have purposely picked a hideous picture on the left to help emphasise my point haha

So enough babbling, here are the products I use in my Hair Care Routine:

Aussie: Dual Personality Anti-Frizz+Conditioning Milk (£4.99 from Boots):

As soon as I finish washing my hair (with anything that is there to be honest) and let it air dry a bit, I apply this all over my hair. It says a pea sized amount but, I think of my hair-care like my food, BEASTLY PORTIONS ARE THE BEST (I try not to go over board though, or it will get sticky). So I apply it all over my hair and then comb through with a wide tooth comb. I've noticed that when my hair dries, it helps reduce frizz, BUT isn't that great of a conditioner, so that's where the next product comes in handy.

 Organix: Nourishing Cocunut Milk- Anti Breakage Serum (£5.99 from Boots):

Firstly, this shiz smells GOOD. It's a nice lightweight serum and the smell of it lasts. Once again, I don't use a small amount, but I use as much as I feel necessary. I think my entire head of hair deserves to feel the smoothness of this serum on it, so it all gets smothered with it. I've noticed whilst using this that when my hair dries rather than it turning dry, it feels smooth, like a freshly wash cut and blow dry hairdresser feeling. 

That is all I do to my wet hair. I tie it up in a bun whilst I sleep and then wake up in the morning and sort out its horrendous but slightly softer state.

Tresemme: Straightening Spray with Argan Oil (£4.99 from Boots):

This stuff also has a nice smell to it which is what keeps me using it. Although the instructions on the back are for using it with wet hair for when you are blow drying your hair, I use it on dry hair for when I'm straightening it, and the results are fine... Mighty fine. I spray it on each bit of hair before I straighten it. I'm one of those people who use my straightener on the highest setting, which I know is bad, but spraying this before it makes me feel slightly better about it. I realised that when I didn't use this before straightening my hair, I'd leave the house with sleek straight hair, but 5 minutes later, my hair would be frizzy again. This however, helps it to stay straight even when the weather is pretty shit. This product has honestly helped give me good hair whatever the weather

 L'oreal Mythic Oil (I got mine from Amazon for around £8 and because it stinks so bad I have a feeling it's fake hmmmm):

This stuff STINKS. I heard so many great things about the smell, but every time I apply it I cringe and somehow try to close my nostrils then curse them for picking up such a scent. Good thing the smell of my other products wash it out. But despite the smell, it does work wonders. I apply this to the ends of my hair to keep them smooth and soft to touch. I do want to find an oil which smells better but works exactly the same though.

 Vo5: Mircale Mist (£4.29 from Superdrug):

This product is the one product I actually could not live without. It's for 'tired, damaged, dry, or frizzy hair'. Well good thing I have all of that, 'cos it sure as hell helps combat it. I love love LOVE the smell, I don't know what it is, slightly fruity and a bit like sweets but it's amazing. I love the smell so much that sometimes I use it on my wet hair when I'm finished with everything else, just for the smell. But I mostly use it after I have finished straightening. I spray it on liberally and then comb it through. It eliminates frizz and gives my hair that little bounce and life. I also carry it around with me all day which would explain why the packet is so grubby. I find that sometimes no matter how much you look after your hair, you're bound to have days where it just looks lifeless. That's when I re-apply this and just comb it through and BAM my hair is ALLLLLIVE again. If there's one hair care product I would recommend, it's this one. I honestly don't know why it isn't raved about. So I shall do the raving it lacks!! GO BUY IT PEOPLE!!

So that's it, that's my hair care routine. If there are any good affordable hair oils that don't smell bad, please let me know!!


  1. lol @ my straight hair routine : wash hair- grab straightner- fry hair.

    thankz big zeddddddddddd

    1. LOL those were the naive days xx

  2. thank's for sharring! lovely products! xxx

  3. I love the Tresemme Argan Oil range, I use their lightweight serum spray every day after washing my hair as it really helps to calm the frizz :)

    I am currently holding a massive beauty giveaway on my blog - simply leave a comment on my latest post to be in with a chance of winning a goody bag featuring products from Lush, Montagne Jeunesse and Eyelure to name a few!




    1. yeh I need to try other stuff from that range! thanks for reading I'll check it out x

  4. your hair looks so good!xxx


    1. thanks, its an actual nightmare x

  5. You have a lot of good products here. I've been looking into new hair care things since I never use anything... I barely even comb out my hair haha

    For the Record

    1. hahahaha oh trust me, there was a time in life I didnt even own a comb or brush. the longer my hair gets the more I dont brush and claim I am rocking the 'bed hair' look haha x