Friday, 1 June 2012

Vapiano..YOU IS NICE.

I like food. I particularly like when I have food so good, I come home and actually think to myself  'Yuss. I am satisfied'. I thought this very recently with Vapiano in Oxford Circus...good food, and even better service. What I particularly liked was the fact that you get to watch your food being made. It is a nice position to be put in. Unlike when you have to sit at a table and wait for your food to come, in Vapiano, you stand and watch it being made. I felt like the chef was my bitch and I was a fat queen being treated like the queen I am. I ordered a pasta dish that had prawn and spinach and other good stuff in it (you get to pick the type of pasta and added extras)...The only thing missing was a throne to sit on and a whip to whip the hot male chefs that stood cooking, but I understand not everything is possible. Nonetheless, the experience was a good'un.

Here is the chef cooking MA MEAL

And here is the finished meal, accompanied with bread (SCREW YOU CARB-A-PHOBES  I WILL EAT AS MUCH AS I WANT) and a good ol' diet coke

I went home satisfied.... 'and I got to say, today was a good day'. Bit of an Ice Cube reference for you there. 


  1. bil3afffyaaa my BABY
    hope u enjoyed ur lovely foodsies, n it was fit for the stomach of a queen MMMMMMM
    u berra take me there for our next date

    1. I will take you thur soon my love xx