Friday, 1 June 2012

A Lunch Date

The weather decided to be a good bitch and behave at the end of May... So my sis and I decided to go out to eat...and do other things...but I'm a beast so the food is all I remember. Here are a few pics...

 My sis and I. Yep we don't look alike and yep one of us is probably adopted (her)

OH HI THUR THIGHS!THANKS FOR TAKING UP MOST OF MA PIC...The point of this photo is my Topshop shoes which GODDAMN PAIN LIKE A BITCH. The top of the shoe has some friggin' thing which dag into the depths of my feet and soul all day. And of course I decided that constantly moaning was appropriate
 Food market in Hammersmith


 My posh Mac and cheese from Kitchen Italia in Westfields. I usually like my Mac and cheese extra cheesy and if possible for the pasta pieces to be drowning in creamyness. Oh and I like to add a heck load of ketchup on top...mmmm.. But when I'm in public I decide to leave my tramp eating methods at home and eat like a classy madame.

Caught in the midst of my beautiful  eating experience

And that was that. This is the lonely walk home in which a random man popped outta nowhere and decided that I was interested in hearing his life story. For the record, I wasn't.

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