Saturday, 2 June 2012

My New Lipstick Love

A while ago, whilst out with a few friends, one of them whipped out this lipstick, and I've been having visions about it ever since. Now I'm not one to usually spend tons of money on high-end makeup, but there ain't no stoppin' a mad woman in love. 
So what is the lipstick, I hear you ask. Allow me to introduce you to my new baby...

 YSL's Rose Dahlia (from the Rouge Pur Couture collection, number 17)

Yes, I gave her her own photo-shoot.

LOOK AT HER BEAUTIFUL GOLD SELF. Sigh. So initially, I fell in love with the colour, which looks like a bright coral-y red. On my friends lips though, it wasn't as obnoxious as you would think it would be. When I got to try it on in John Lewis, it felt soft and moisturising, and added a slight orange-y red colour to my lips. It also has a bit of pink to it. It looked like my natural lip colour but a HECK load better. Gosh it has everything it's actually incredible haha. It is sheer but also slightly buildable. Trust me I spent a good five minutes building it on. And I really do not know how to apply lipstick so those around me got to witness the thing all over my face because I practically embraced with the sexy thing. It lasted quite a while as well, when I got home it was still on, looking as pretty as it did when I first put it on. I chose to purchase it from John Lewis because I'm cheap and they have the whole price match thing going on so you get 20% off(and on top of that, my friend's John Lewis Partner discount came in handy, thanks Yasmin haha). I think it usually retails at around £21-23

It's safe to say, I'm in love. Trust me to fall in love with an inanimate object but I seriously have no regrets. Using it pains me because it looks so goddamn good that I don't wanna ruin it in any way, or use it up. Even opening the packaging was hard for me, I did have to rip it in the end but like the woman in love  that I am, I've kept the packaging haha. I would have included a photo of it on, but unfortunately I have the world's tiniest lips, and just no. I don't think I can bare putting her on more times than I need to haha. I say this now but soon it will be all I wear. I've actually even got to sniffing the thing, and I can tell you it has a slight fruity/citrusy scent which suits her golden exterior *flutters eyelashes*

If anyone knows of any other amazing YSL lipsticks for me to fall even more in love with, let a girlll know.

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  1. OMG! That colour looks so hotttt <3 But I'm a cheapo when it comes to lipsticks - although I'll have a look at these YSL ones next time I'm in Debenhams or something ;D