Monday, 4 June 2012

RINGS... And No Other Tings.

Right so, I LOVE rings. They have got to be my favourite piece of jewellery. Gone are the days when I would wear a heck load of beads up my arm, rings are my thing now. I feel naked without them, in fact I'd rather walk outside naked than walk outside without a ring on (that's a lie, and I'm sorry for the images). This is my rather messy bowl thingy which I got from Tiger for like £1, and it's home to all my rings (and has a few earrings dangling off it, cos I'm too lazy to put most of em anywhere else). Putting them in this isn't the best of ideas, 'cause I forget half of them exist, and their colours start changing, but like I said, I'm lazy and for now this will do. None of my rings are pricey, and I know this because of how my fingers all turn green.. I've tried painting clear nail polish but DAMN it does not work for me. Either way, I do not care how cheap they are, you can't put a price on LOVE, and I love them nonetheless! (I really do sound like a capitalistic bastard, but I assure you I am not that shallow...or am I? Haha)

Here are my favourites:

THE GOLDS (of which are extremely fake)
Seems like I got a bit of an ASOS thang going on. It's not the best place to buy rings from, 'cos I always get the size wrong. Oh and the skull thing is something that will prop up often.  Anything that is dead and freaky, I LOVE. The one one on the right is my proudest buy. It was meant to be half price (£3.50) and then when I went to pay for it with my friend, the woman scanned it as £1.50.. My friend started questioning quite loudly why she had done so, whilst I told her to PLEASE SHUT THE EFF UP (Yes, this may be seen as lying, but I'm a cheapskate and if it's any consolation I am slightly sorry)... Turned out however it had been further reduced, and the woman at the till found my outburst funny rather than  rude. We all laughed it off and maybe I was a bit embarrassed, but I still acted cool... 'cause I am :D haha.

L-R Some other country (no idea), Market stall, ASOS

So I don't I have as many silver rings, and I try and try and invest in em, but I'm not ashamed to admit, I prefer me me some gold chavvy-ness. Though in my head I prefer silver. Hmmm...It's like I try to be civilised but my inner love for big gold chunky shiz gets the better of me. That would explain why I have no clue where the first one is from, and the second one I purchased for the sake of purchasing, and the last one, well most people who aren't into skulls look at them and immediately think 'ew', and I think 'good!' And then swear at them with my wonderfully adorned middle finger.

Do you know any cheap/good places for rings? And perhaps somewhere better to store 'em haha.


  1. Hello dear,
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  2. All of these rings are gorgeous I love silver jewelery :) :) Great post, I hope you will follow my blog :)


  3. aww i love your jewelry!!! <3

    xo Daisy


  4. I love every single piece :) Beautiful!