Friday, 1 June 2012

T-mobile- Why Do You Annoy Me So?

There are many things that annoy me in life...T-Mobile however, has to be top of my list.
A while back, I had a problem with them...So I decided to call up their customer services. A mobile network as big and popular as T-Mobile however, does not have a direct customer service line. So I, impatient Zaineb, had to go through listening to my bill details and a whole load of other shit before being finally transferred through to speak to someone. And that was that. I thought my problem was over. BUT NO. 7.30am a MONTH later, I am awoken by a phone call. 'Hi Zie-neb, can I call you Zie?' NO. NO YOU CANT CALL ME ZIE. AND YOU CAN'T CALL ME FULL STOP. Do they think we are friends? WHY are you calling me to sort out a problem that is already sorted? AND WHY at 7.30am? 
So I thought that was over...but sadly, no. My phone vibrates on a regular basis now. I like to think I am popular, that is until I realise it's a text from T-Mobile. Not to worry though, you can text a certain number the word 'Stop' in order to opt-out. I have done this, 21 times to be precise, yet YOU HAVE NOT GODDAMN STOPPED. I would call and complain, but the long process is a process I do not want to have to go through again.
So T-Mobile, why do you annoy me so? And why do you exist? And just why?