Monday, 4 June 2012


So it's my summer holidays...the weather says life says otherwise too. Most people I know still have exams, or aren't even in the goddamn country. I knew this would happen the moment I submitted my last university assignment, which is why part of me didn't want to submit it. I was actually considering submitting  it late just for the sake of having something to doooooo. I mean I do love staying in doing nothing, eating, watching crap online...but sometimes a girl needs a MOTIVE. I think I done everything and anything in the first week I was free, and now I've run out of shiz to do. There's nothing to watch anymore, my life ended when One Tree Hill ended, and no new episodes of anything else is out. Every time I think of a movie to watch I realise I am too bored to be BOTHERED to watch something. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? So instead I am sat here, eating my weight in food, and singing along to some karaoke instrumentals on Youtube. I should shake hands with anyone who can hear me right now, for they have heard the voice of an angel (ahem).
Someone please give me something to do!! And whilst you're at it  PLEASE buy some chocolate..and give it to me (feeding me is optional, although greatly appreciated)... please, and thank you in advance.


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