Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Mania

Okay... so why did it take the Olympic opening ceremony for me to realise that maybe I am a human with emotions?

At first, like most Londoners, I didn't really care for the Olympics. All I was fussed about was the fact that transport will be even more of a nightmare. But having decided to tune into it last night...SOMETHING BLOOMIN' HAPPENED TO ME.

It started off pretty shit, with some weird ass farm yard crap. But then came Mr Bean and a heck load of music I love, and I actually found myself singing along (despite this annoying my siblings), and actually being entertained. 

The best part was when each country was coming out. It felt like an all you can eat buffet or something. The perving that commenced was immense, and the future life plans of places to travel then commenced. With every new country I was thinking 'hmmm I shall go there soon'. HOW ARE THERE SO MANY COUNTRIES I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF?   Everyone was so happy. It was like a big happy festival of happy people all being happy and I WANTED IN ON IT. I mean, my socially aware side was there in the back of my brain screaming 'LIFE ISN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS :'( :'( ', but the rest of my brain was winning in this screaming competition and it was screaming 'I LOVE TODAY. WHY CAN'T EVERYDAY BE AN OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY???'

I mean, I dunno why the queen looked so bored and was checking out her nails during that ceremony. If  I were her I woulda been up there shaking some maracas and pompoms or having my own rave in the crowd. But no. It's kinda weird how Sport can bring so many people together. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of sport. The only sport I compete in is walking from my room to the kitchen.  I used to love sport when I was younger, but now...just meh. BUT THE CEREMONY. OH THE CEREMONY. I kinda wanted to cry? GENDER EQUALITY :'( RACE EQUALITY :'( ALL FOR THOSE FOUR HOURS THE WORLD SEEMED SO NICE AND  I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT HOW BUSY LONDON WILL BE. And then it ended. And I legit wanted to cry. But didn't...because WHO do you think I am?


I then had a dream I was getting on the District line to go to Nigeria. How this makes sense, I do not know. I guess because the District Line is green and Nigeria's flag has green in it, that's probably why I came up with that.... Look at me tryna justify my messed up brain. Oh and why was I going there? To go to a camp where they do knee exercises. Lmao. Just wow.

Anyone else realise they actually aren't as cold hearted as they thought from watching the Olympic opening ceremony?

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  1. Well, that's the beauty of olympics, especially the part where it strikes you that we CAN live together as one people as soon us we appreciate the diversity of others!