Friday, 28 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 7 Wants


1) I want to be able to do my reading for university. I love reading, but reading because I have to seems to be the most impossible thing ever

2) I want someone to take me to the cinema. Not to watch a movie, but to buy me pic n mix, popcorn, nachos, a drink. Then take me back home and allow me to just eat it all in my bed

3) I want an apology. Not from anyone in particular. I don't think many people owe me one, but the people that do, it's because they're pathetic, so them apologising will make me feel good. I like feeling good.

4) I want Jaden Smith to magically become my age. WHY IS HE 14 AND WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE A GODDAMN PAEDOPHILE?

5) I want university to be over. It's my first week back of my final year, and I'm already fed up. But, I don't wanna have to go through all the final year work to get to the end grrrr

6) I want my temperature to go away. My head is burning and it AIN'T NICE YO.

7) I want to get a nose piercing... But I don't know if it would suit me. Until then I will continue to draw fake ones on me, trying to figure out if it will look good lmao

I now have The Spice Girls' song 'Wannabe' in my head. WOOP

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