Saturday, 22 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

Nine Loves

1) Eminem. I've gone on about him before, so I'll keep it short. I love him, his music, his lyrics. Everything.

2) Good conversationists.... That's not a word, but ya know what I mean. Nothing makes me happier than actually sitting with someone and managing to talk about everything and anything. EFF YOU PEOPLE WHO KILL CONVOS WITH 'WHAT YOU UP TO?' a.k.a wuu2, wubu2...etc . etc. etc. stfu please.

3) Movie nights... Getting in bed with cream..snacks...any sort of snacks.... And just watching a movie

4) Monkeys. They be cute.
5) That moment of relief when you finally finish something.. It can be anything from finally finishing an essay, or finally realising a bad situation has come to an end. THAT WONDERFUL SIGH AND ARGHGHGH I LOVE THAT FEELING

6) Online shopping. A lazy procrastinator's heaven. I  LOVE online shopping. It's easier and Paypal feels like you're spending nothing. Online sales are so much easier to shop, because you can filter through them.

7) Getting into bed after a long day. I love my bed, I do everything in my bed, and I don't mind continuing my life with it being the only thing I come home to. (I'm not sad, you're just jealous).

8) Winter. It's my favourite time of year... Mostly because I can layer up my clothes and dress like shit and it will be acceptable. But also because people seem to be happier and people seem to hug more and I LOVE HUGS :'( (if you're annoying, that doesn't mean you can hug me)

9)  Having someone understand what you mean, and how you feel. Just like-minded people in general. That kind of goes with what I said about good conversationists, but I guess I just love it that much I had to kind of mention it again. That feeling when you know someone thinks the same as you, and for a second you think just maybeeeee there is hope fore mankind.


  1. Omgg I'm addicted to online shopping too :| Deffs a procrastinator's heaven!