Monday, 1 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Six Places

1) My bed- I've mentioned why my bed is amazing plenty of times before, but because I love it so, I will mention it again- it's the place I sleep, eat, read, think, cry, chill. ONE LOVE TO MA BED

2) New York. I have never been...well I've never really been anywhere...but one day, I will. I guess I've fallen for the city life they depict in movies and T.V shows. And maybe just MAYBE I want to go shopping with a Starbucks frappe in my hand (I'm in no way a capitalist...ahem) 

3) Bookshops. I honestly lament the days I would spend in bookshops as a kid just reading and readddddding for pleasure. I would have said Libraries, but I don't feel at all comfortable in libraries- that's another story!

4) Airports. It's kinda sad, considering I've been on a plane ONCE in my life, but going to the airport is exciting for me. I really can't even explain what it is. As you can tell, my life lacks excitement lmao

5) Central London. London itself usually pisses me off, but at the end of the day- it's home. I will always secretly love it. But the places I lust over and WISH I could live in are mostly in Central London....(I swear I'm not consumed by Capitalism)

6) The most cliche of them all...HOME. My house. Nothing beats getting home after the worst day ever and knowing you can just be yourself and comfortable in your own space.

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