Friday, 21 June 2013

I'm Angry and I Shall RANT

 Dear annoying people of the world,

 I don't exactly know what this post is going to be about...or where it is heading..but I feel I need to post it because it is an issue which has really bothered me for as long as I can remember. I have one (alongside MANY) questions I need the answer to: WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DESPERATE TO BE DIFFERENT?

And by different it seems these people want to appear: geeky, unsociable, friendless etc etc etc. All the things that back in the day was not 'cool' but now all of a sudden is. I'm not saying being any of these things is wrong...but when you clearly aren't, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go fuck yourself.  Please? Have you done it yet? HAVE YOU?!!?!?!

Do you not realise in your apparent 'difference' you are all the goddamn same?!?!?!?!?!!? This new fashion going around where people claim to be the very things they aren't for one thing: POPULARITY AND LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

Nothing irks me more than seeing idiots on SOCIAL networking claiming things like 'i have no friends, i only have my internet friends...' ............. THAT ELLIPSES RIGHT THERE THAT I JUST DID WAS TO SHOW YOU ALL THAT WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF!! ........................ THERE IT IS AGAIN. I AM SPEECHLESS. Well I'm not but seriously sometimes I just...NO WORDS!!!!!!
Internet friends or real life friends...THEY ARE FRIENDS. YOU ARE ON A SOOOOOOOCIAL NETWORK SITE AND ARE THEREFORE SOCIALISING. WELCOME TO MODERNITY BITCHES. Pleaseeee stop acting like your very existence isn't about pleasing other people...because it is, and I know it. I know you care about how many followers you have, and I know that tweet your just wrote was an indirect to get a certain someones attention, so shut up.
It's okay to be smart and into your books, and into star wars and whatever other shit.There's no need to friggin emphasise it to the world. Okay you read, okay you're a bit 'geeky', STOP FUCKING TELLING US! We will realise it without you having to rub it in our faces. Yay you are so smart you read books and you like to drink tea and hide away from the world........... whilst telling us ALL YOU LIKE TO DO THAT. LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAR I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh you smoke weed??!?!?!?! O M G YOU ARE SO COOL NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES THIS?!?!?!?! SO PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT HOW YOU ARE ABOUT TO 'BILL A ZOOT' AND SMOKE BY YOURSELF IN BED WITH MUNCHIES heheheheheheeh. Whilst you are at it, why don't you also go and post a photo of how you are an introvert and you find it so hard to open up to people and to be friends with people and to speak to people, so you can gain a few retweets and socially bond with those who retweeted you? WHY DON'T YOU ALSO POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK AND WHEREVER ELSE TO LET MANY OTHER PEOPLE KNOW? 


It's just human nature so stop denying it.

There are REAL unsociable people out there, and people like you are pissing them off. You piss face.

You're probably wondering if I am one of these said unsociable people, I may be...I DIE off all social networking sites because my hate for people is so strong...BUT I SHALL NOT SIT HERE CLAIMING THINGS WHICH ARE ABSURD AND NOT TRUE.

BE YOURSELF. STOP FORCING A PERSONALITY. PEOPLE WILL REALISE YOUR PERSONALITY IF IT IS GENUINE. STOP DOING THINGS BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY ARE COOL. Gosh I feel like I am speaking to children. These seem like basic things why does no one obide by these things?! WHY :'( 

I must admit, it has felt wonderful unleashing on the keyboard. If you find my ranting annoying, and think this blog is full of negativity, then how about you stop being so cuss-worthy and mayyyybe give me something to be positive about?!

Oh and also


Unkind Regards,


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