Monday, 8 July 2013


So on the 4th of July, I officially turned 21. EEK. Time flies so fast...I remember blogging about my 20th birthday like it was yesterday :O
Like I've said before, I'm not the biggest birthday fan, and I never make my own plans. However the people I love are kind ass mofos and always end up forcing it on me (even though I would much rather spend the day in, crying with cake)... This year I had more of a birthday week filled with food food and more food...just how me likes it.....Every birthday seems to be a day I learn or reflect but this year what I learned the most is to not use the word 'friend' loosely....That's another deep story for another time so here are a heck load of pics from my birthday week...which unfortunately are SHITTY quality because they're taken on me phone..but it's more about the memories than the quality...right? (New quote I just invented...getting more creative with age me thinks!) They're all in a random order...tryna mix it up fo' ya'll!!!

Tea at BB Bakery

'cause I'm a posh girl with hoops

Slumber partaaaay

Emotions getting the best of me (SCREW YOU PEOPLE, I'M NOT USUALLY LIKE THIS)

'These are not real'... damn :(


Tea and cake for breakfast FOR THE WHOLE WEEK BAYBEH



Leftovers are always sexy

:'( emotions


Imitating someone (oooo we bitches)


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